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Compare the theme of outsiders in Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Comp be the theme of outsiders in Frankenstein EssayD, so he wanted to join the terrorist group to render revenge. In this respect Daz is similar to the monster, they are both willing to commit heinous crimes for vengeance. Del thats my brovver thay catch im raiding wiv Dred. Top him dont thay. This quote shows how Dazs brother was killing in a raid with Dred. After the night in the Blue Moon where he saved Zoe and her friends, Daz finds himself an outcast from both societies. He was still physically a chippy, which means he is not allowed in Silverdale however, he helped out the enemy subbies which make him not an accepted chippy.After Daz and Zoe they contact each other finished letters and finally when they meet, the reader recognise that Daz does not want to be a chippy. Throughout this novel we are constantly reminded of this forbidden love. I seen this Subby girl, our mam. immobilise her, Daz. non easy, our mam. Not easy. Daz is given a negative response from hi s mum, when he explains that he has met Zoe. However, once Daz meets Zoe he realises he does not want to be an outsider any longer, Dazs priorities and views of subbies change. Like Victor, Daz is very determined he takes a lot of risks for Zoe and to make his exsertlihood better.It appears to the reader that Zoe has the perfect life, money, nice houses, cars and good facilities. However it becomes forever clear that Zoe feels trapped and unhappy. Zoe is an outsider because after she meets Daz, Silverdale citizens see her as a chippy lover. Thats why we have fences and lights and guards some kids get fed up being cooped up a suburbs a pretty nice place but any place with a fence aroundll get to you, eventually. This quote shows the reader how a Subby stripling can become fed up with the enclosed lifestyle.Zoe feels this because she is brainwashed into believing her existence is happy and enjoyable. Similar to Daz, when the two forbidden lovers meet her priorities changes. Zoe the loyal and firm working daughter rebels against her parents old fashioned and single minded views. Unlike Daz, Zoe is an outsider by choice. Her easiest option could have been to lead a normal life as a young, well-educated Silverdale resident. Nevertheless, Zoe decides to leave the suburb and live in the city, choosing to become an outsider from two societies.Zoe chooses to be an outsider and is similar to Victor she sees that defend things that are important to her holds great risks. For the first time I contemplated the enormity of the step I had just taken This quote shows how Zoe realises that she has left her Subby life to live in the city this is the first physical sign of her becoming an outsider. In Daz 4 Zoe Zoes Grandmother is not an obvious outsider. To begin with Grandma is not a visible outsider, although later we go on to find she is the founder of the illegitimate organisation.She is very similar to Robert Walton as they are both outsiders in their thoughts and views, however they are not outcasts. Grandma was part of an underground outfit called F. A. I. R, which stands for Fraternal Alliance for Integration through Reunification. Resembling Victor, Robert Walton and Zoe, she is an outsider through choice and these views influence Zoe. Daz 4 Zoe and Frankenstein both discuss outsiders in society, and how people can be born outcasts and how others chose to be secluded from society because of their ambitions, beliefs or interests.We read how Daz and the Monster we forced into seclusion, isolated from society. alike how Zoe, Victor, Grandma and Robert Walton choose to live their lives dangerously and even unhappily because of their thoughts. The nineteenth century literature and the contemporary novel are relevant to todays society. In the boon culture we have different castes, religions, races even different accents, Daz 4 Zoe shows an extreme version of abused power and prejudice. Due to advances in medical science in the present day li mbs can be sewn on, body parts reshaped new skin tissue be formed.Frankenstein again shows excessive power, since the novel was written we have had cloning and artificial body parts The two novels both are severe results of social issues we have today. I feel the moral of the two novels combined is that with no action, modern society could find themselves in these difficult situations. 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This assimilator written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one? Search for

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