Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ethics in the hospital setting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethics in the hospital setting - Essay Example so they significantly contribute to the effective healthcargon outcome of patients as well as become important part of personal and professional growth of nurse professionals.In the patients care, the ethics and good dilemmas faced by nurse professionals encompass five nursing ethics altruism, integrity, autonomy, social justice and human dignity (Fowler, 2008). I have often come across ethical dilemmas within my arena which is orthopaedic department. I have to deal with patients who come directly after hip to(predicate) surgery. Encountering ethical issues test the competencies of nurses in terms of the learning experiences and help them evolve into empathetic and empowered healthcare professionals. The three most commonly found ethical issues in acute care setting are altruism, autonomy and social justice. These issues influence the healthcare delivery as well as the recovery deem of patients in the acute care setting mainly becau se these issues are intrinsically linked to the core of nursing that highlights personal care, compassion and positive attitude of nurses that helps tutor inner strength within patients to cope with illness and empower them with knowledge to facilitate faster recovery (Robichaux, 2012).Altruism is highly crucial element of nursing that promotes greater sense of commitment towards the welfare of other people. The self-sacrifice of individuals for the benefit of others constitutes integral part of nursing. The nurses often tend to sacrifice their time when the patient requires their help. They are highly devoted to the cause of easing pain and providing an encouraging environment of hope and optimistic attitude to the patients and their family. I have strong sense of function that encourages understanding and cooperation among the colleagues. Most importantly, patients needs are always at the priority over personal requirements because their ill health makes them vulnerable and givi ng

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