Friday, June 14, 2019

Literature review of peer article review and questions Assignment

Literature review of peer article review and questions - Assignment ExampleAs a result of this, it forms a basic need for the economic costs that diabetes imparts on the labor market to be quantified adequately. According to the study on the diabetes prevalence, it was found that some one adult in every three have diabetes and this affects the productivity in absolute.By researching on this argona, there are innumerable advantages that America depart gain. First of all, the policy makers will be adequately informed such that they can come up with the proper regulations which can be effectively utilise to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and the burden that it imposes on the Country. All in all, this field needs extensive research to be conducted. This will not only wait on the government in the reduction of the costs incurred on drugs, but also improve the labor market in the country by ensuring that the working state of the country is in good health thus improving the producti vity.This research will majorly affect the working population. Most of the persons in the working population are between the ages of 19 years and 55 years. The choice of this age bracket is inspired by various statistical evidences. According to a report by the National Diabetes Statistics report of 2014, there was an increased in the number of cases of pre-diabetes in young Americans aged twenty and older by a worrying 7 million from 79 million in 2010 to 86 million in 2012 (National Diabetes Org, 2014) . With the increasing cases of diabetes diagnosis every year, it is important that these people be evaluated with much much seriousness so as to reduce the significant effect that the diabetes is having on the working class in America. Most of the persons within the ages are in their generative ages, especially women.According to Healthline, there is increased risk of women who become pregnant to develop diabetes

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