Friday, July 26, 2019

HR- Grievance and disciplinary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HR- Grievance and disciplinary - Essay Example The two cases display the picture of what can happen in the real-life contract termination. There can be conflicts among the both parties which can potentially cost millions of pounds to the employer despite his efforts to prevent any breakdown in relationship with the workers and making sure that sanity surrounds the workplace and work environment. The best practice in employee termination is to give an employee proper warnings and compensation on his dismissal. Air Bus has rightly given the warning to Mr. Jones on his wasting time on work. He repeated his misconduct and one can say that Airbus was fair dismissing Mr. Jones. However, on the flipside of it there was no mention of any compensation paid to Mr. Jones. It has become an important norm for large employers like Airbus to pay around three month’s salaries to its employees in case of a dismissal. This would help the outgoing worker to sustain his family for the period for which he remains unemployed. However, there was no such mention of this kind of compensation payment in the case of Airbus and hence Mr. Jones can claim this compensation from the code. Although the law only asks for a lump sump payment, but the industry usually pays around three month’s salary and that should be paid to Mr. Jones. It was right on the part of Airbus to dismiss Mr. Jones a fter he was given second warning for wasting time on work. Although Mr. Jones insisted that the first warning has expired and hence Airbus Ltd cannot fire him. The law on the other hand would approve this firing because it was the second time Mr. Jones has made the same mistake and Airbus was right to penalize him. Hence, the only obligation on Airbus is to follow the market’s best practice and should compensate Mr. Jones for his services to the firm. The second case tells us about a strained relationship between the Chief Executive and Board of

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