Friday, July 19, 2019

Iranian Education Essay -- Iran Middle East

Iranian Education: From Modernization to Traditionalism An education system, because of its purpose as the shaper of the future, is a good indicator of what is going on within a country politically and culturally. The history of the Iranian education system showed change as the ideological values of the country shifted with each new regime change in the mid twentieth century. Iran, as a country, went from a country focused on modernization and secularization under the Reza Shah, to a country focused on traditional Islamic values under the new government established after the Islamic Revolution of 1977-791. These changes shifted the very purpose of education, its impact on women (in arguably negative or positive ways), and its literature. The shift in political focus from modernism to religious traditionalism can also be seen in how religion is taught in Iran, especially compared with different countries around the world. The history of the Iranian education system from 1907-1977 is one that is filled with problems. In 1907, Iran established a Ministry of Science and Art to control all areas of education, even religious education. In 1910, this ministry was reorganized and renamed the Ministry of Education, and given more power to set laws and guidelines for education, religious and secular. This body was not necessarily effective in setting new guidelines for Iranian schools. The main problem was overcoming was the lack of qualified, quality teachers (Szyliowicz 176- 7). After 1925, the Shah2 built many new schools and tried to revitalize the educational system. This effort was hampered again, by lack of qualified teachers (Szyliowicz 231), a lack of coherent ideology (Szyliowicz 232), and a program of edu... ...ern Iran. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1992. Rivard, Jean-Franà §ois and Massimo Amadio. â€Å"Teaching Time Allocated to Religious Education in Official Timetables.† Prospects 33 (2003): 211-217. Shavarini, Mitra K. â€Å"Misconceptions about Islam and Women’s Education: Lessons learned from the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).† International Education. 33.1 (Fall 2003): 40(11). Gender Watch. Proquest. Univ Mass Amherst. 10 Feb 2006. . Szyliowicz, Joseph S. Education and Modernization in the Middle East. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1973. UNESCO. Integration of Technology and Vocational Education into Special Needs Education. Austria, Colombia, Iran, Tunisia. Geneva: Imprimeries Popularies, 1977. Zia, Rukhsana. â€Å"Religion Education in Pakistan: An Overview.† Prospects. 22 (2003): 165-178.

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