Tuesday, September 24, 2019

English class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

English class - Essay Example The main mission of the museum is â€Å"Teaching Tolerance through Education†, that is, remembering the victims of the Holocaust of World War II, promoting tolerance, providing educational materials on the Holocaust and promoting public awareness and understanding of the Holocaust of World War II (Shosteck and Heland, 88). Even though the museum was founded by three people, it mainly focuses on the experiences of the Ipsons during the holocaust of the World War II. The Ipsons were Lithuanian Jewish and settled in Richmond after the World War II. The Virginia holocaust museum was originally housed in several vacant rooms of a local temple, Beth El, in Richmond, Virginia. However, in 2003 the museum changed its location to the old tobacco warehouse in 2000 East Cary street Richmond, Virginia. The warehouse was donated by the state of Virginia legislature after it flourished and outgrew its original space in 2000. The new location of the museum was dedicated during the Day of Rem embrance and Heroism in April, 2003 (Shosteck and Heland, 88). Personal Response The museum provides visitors with true experiences of the holocaust of the World War II. It allows people who visit it to feel as though they are part of the happenings of the holocaust.

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