Friday, September 13, 2019

MIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

MIS - Essay Example Both these tools are important because they are used to provide critical information to the management board. In order to which ad is the best, you look at how frequently the customized webs appear in the server. The one that appears the most times are the best ads. Also by looking at the best ads, you can be able to tell the best format by looking at the format of these ads. The ads that have most clicks can be taken to be the best ones and should therefore be forwarded target IP address. By creating dialogue boxes and feedback forms, users can be able to leave a feedback concerning the same and can be used to ascertain whether the technique is good or not. From the history, information concerning frequently visited IP address can be obtained. By having this data, comparisons can be done with data from other companies and from this the position of the company can be determined. A business analyst is a person in charge of analyzing the organizations business domains in both real and hypothetical manner. A business analyst is endowed with several job responsibilities. First, a business analyst analyzes business processes within the organization to identify inefficiencies (Wiley 49). He provides recommendations for solutions and improvements which can be achieved through adoption of new technology. A business analyst acts as a liaison between different business stakeholders. He does the analysis and communication of stakeholder needs by converting business needs into software requirements. A business analyst does the documentation and evaluation of required information within an organization in order to enhance the success of projects by application of modeling and simulation (Wiley 52). Business analyst and system analyst are two different persons. In a project, a business analyst comes before a system analyst. A business analyst is a core member of the project team right from the start, but a system analyst only comes in at the system analysis

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