Saturday, October 5, 2019

Global Issues. Land Reclamation. What are the alternatives to Research Paper

Global Issues. Land Reclamation. What are the alternatives to expanding a nation's economy rather than land reclamation - Research Paper Example But the moves to gain help from the government to reclaim the schemes began after the enactment of the 1894 Carey Land Act (Land Reclamation, 858). The act focused on conserving the natural resources. Additionally, it was advocated for lands that were ruined by grazing injudicious farming, deforestation, and lands with insufficient rainfall. Land reclamation is a global issue this is because thousands of species have been rendered instinct due to land reclamation and it takes the world to stop the issue as soon as possible (Spedding, 465). The menace has affected more countries in the world United States of America, Russia, Bahrain, Germany, and also Lebanon. We need to act now because the issue of land reclamation has become a global concern. This is because land is adversely affected by human activities   (Misiolek and Noser, 67). Therefore, the practice of converting this land that is deemed unproductive need to be implemented. Such mechanisms and methods include flood control, irrigation, changing the mineral and organic content of the soil. All the above methods have so far been used but the main effort behind the practice is through land irrigation (Taylor,31). The federal government need to plan and develop irrigation projects using the revenues from selling the public lands and the users of waters need to liquidate the purchase and cost that comes along with irrigation work over time frame of 10 year (Wallace,107). Consequently, under the 2012 reclamation Act, the Bureau of Reclamation need to supply water, subsidized by citizens to farmers on arid areas in all the stated (Wheeler,37). Bahrain continues to expand as a result of land reclamation. However, the issue brought critics from all corners of social, political, and economic perspective (Misiolek and Noser, 67). It is claimed that the reclamation crushed the channels of sweet water found below the sea bed, closing the supplies of fresh water feeding the palm gloves and the fertile land

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