Friday, October 25, 2019

Internet Marketing and Promotion Strategy Essay -- Internet Marketing

Broad Markets Goals (monthly) Exposures Conversion Rate Conversions ATV 900K .1% 4 $750 Top 3 Sites Website Impressions Traffic Visitor Profile Demographic Segmenting 100,000 About 124M Methodical Spontaneous -18-52 years old -Male & Female 100,000 About 27M -College student or graduate -Income $28-$100k+ -Any ethnicity -Interested in starting a business or developing business marketing 100,000 About 60M Ad Formats The ad format for broad marketing will be static images. All three websites will use the same image for branding consistency and so that each campaign can be easily calculated. The image will have a brand heading, message describing the promotion (10% off), and the same call to action. These variables will be changed monthly to calculate the effectiveness. The imagery will be simple and the text will target startup and small to medium sized businesses. Messaging Strategy The messages’ main objective is to spread brand awareness and to present WebCom Marketing’s website and design solutions, along with a promotion, and a call to action. The solutions will include: marketing management, online advertising, and marketing agency solutions. The messaging will target methodical visitors by emphasizing WebCom Marketing’s as an alternative solution to having in-house marketing costs, and WebCom Marketing’s expertise. Separate messages will target spontaneous visitors by providing last minute solutions for businesses. Main Goals of Ad Exposures The main goal of the ad exposure is to consistently create similar brand awareness across each broad marke... ...isitors are more likely to search for more universal terms than non-brand specific terms. Once the visitor has landed on the landing page, they are now considered a conversion. Other results that will be measured are the landing page’s ability to retain the visitor, the call to action’s ability to capture the visitor, and other notes about the visitor’s behavior. Special Offers and Incentives SEO discounts will be similar to the other campaigns’ 10%, initially, and it will be recorded by the means of number of clicks, and filling out the specific form, or providing the promo number over the phone. The offers on the landing pages and mediums used will include a expiration term to support acting quickly. Visitors Conversions Revenue Cost Discounting Percent Cost/Revenue Ratio 675 7 $5,063 $3,500 10% 79.14% Summary of Projected Revenue and Costs (monthly)

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