Friday, October 18, 2019

Quality focused paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Quality focused paper - Essay Example TQM encompasses other factors such as the Kano model’s analysis of the customer’s perceptions of quality; the cost of quality model; statistical process control; the Six Sigma and other quality strategies, and the implementation of best practices in quality development in business enterprises. Soltani et al (2008) have found that the success of TQM depends on the extent of commitment of top management towards the concept. This paper proposes to discuss the various dimensions to quality management, taking into consideration the relevance of quality management in today’s world, the quality control strategies constituting total quality management, and best practices for implementing quality management philosophies. Other related concepts will also be discussed, and the quality development strategies in various companies in the business world, will be demonstrated. There are various dimensions of quality. Some of the factors are related to excellence in performance and manufacturing and meeting the requirements of specifications and standards. The measurability of quality is also an important dimension, which involves use of statistical process tools for measuring quality. Quality systems can be benchmarked against quality standards. The International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 and the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model are two international standards for quality management. Quality, cost, level of customer complaints, flexibility and reliability are some of the performance goals. Value for money is another important factor, achieved throutgh six sigma statistical process control, and â€Å"added value† through customer care programs such as the provision of servicing, repair and maintenance facilities (Pergamon, 2005). Relevance of the Topic in Today’s World: With increasing competition in the production and marketing of goods and

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