Thursday, October 31, 2019

Nokia Business Strategy Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Nokia Business Strategy Report - Essay Example This report will determine the purpose and business performance of Nokia Corporation. Both the external and internal analysis has been conducted for Nokia in order to determine the impact of external environmental factors on the business performance of Nokia. The internal environmental analysis will help to determine the strategic strengths and weaknesses of Nokia Corporation. The strategic development part of the report will evaluate the corporation’s existing business and corporate level strategy. It will help to recommend effective strategic operation for Nokia Corporation so that the organization can overcome its key issues and challenges. Strategic Analysis This part of the business strategy report will provide a brief about the organization and its operating industry. This strategic analysis part will help the readers to determine the implemented strategies of Nokia and the impact of several external and internal environmental factors on the business performance of the o rganization. ... Global telecommunication industry is highly competitive as several leading organizations, such as Samsung, Apple and HTC are operating within this industry. Once, Nokia Corporation was considered as the leader within the global industry. But the organization lost its huge market share to its competitors due to several external and internal issues. The organization is one of the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturers. Nokia Corporation has a strong global presence. The employee strength of the organization is 87,100 (Macroaxis, 2013, p.1). Since last 5-7 years, the products of Nokia Corporation faced low sales due to lack of effective differentiation strategy and inadequate quality control (Marion, 2013, p.2). The Smartphone market share of Nokia has reduced from 33 percent to 14 percent in 2011 (Hui, 2013, p.1) Organizational Purpose Currently the company has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft with the aim to build a mobile ecosystem worldwide. The phones operat ing on Windows would serve as the primary smart phone platform for Nokia. From April, 2011 Nokia has formed two distinct business units in the form of Smart devices and Mobile phones. The former units will be responsible for cementing the status of Nokia in the smart phone market while the later will leverage the innovation into new target markets so as to connect billions to people worldwide. Nokia Corporation is a multinational organization that engages in manufacturing and distribution of mobile phones and related accessories. Mission Statement The mission statement of the Nokia Corporation is to focus on effective decision-making strategy. The organization will create an effective

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