Sunday, October 6, 2019

Introduction to Marketing Business Report Essay

Introduction to Marketing Business Report - Essay Example It is basically collection of data by conducting market surveys, questionnaire, focus group interviews and telephonic interviews. Sampling techniques and statistical tools will be a prerequisite for Abercrombie and Fitch. Secondary data is basically library research, wherein data already present is used for references and analysis. It includes company reports, annual reports, articles, government reports etc. These are readily available and come in handy during research. a) Abercrombie and Fitch fall in the category of apparels and accessories. It is a lifestyle and retail catering sector for men, women and kids in the age group of 14-22. The audience from this category looks for a comfortable and casual clothing line which is trendy and stylish and at the same time flaunts a luxurious lifestyle (Plunkett, 2008). The consumer buying decision process is essentially the stages a consumer goes through while making choices regarding which products and services to buy and use (Ferrell and Hartline, 2010; Dibb and Simkin, 2008).There are five steps in the identification process of consumer purchase behaviour (Rohan Academic Computing, 2011). The marketing research done above will help in evaluating the buying process of the customers targeted by Abercrombie and Fitch. For repeat purchasers, the experience with the brand will decide their choice of sticking to the brand or looking for something new. For first time buyers, marketing of the brand such as website, promotional activities, advertising will decide how much time and effort the consumer is going to put in that particular brand. The consumer will look into what other brands are offering. The style, latest trends, design, availability, discounts and sale offers are few of the factors which will influence the decision process heavily. Once the consumer has decided to buy Abercrombie and Fitch brand, this decision can be influenced by conditions such as store

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