Saturday, October 19, 2019

Women, Drugs and Treatment Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Women, Drugs and Treatment Issues - Essay Example Brady & Ashley (2008) state that substance uses by women is connected to traumatic occurrences or stressors including abrupt physical sickness, physical and sexual harassment or abuse, accident, or commotion in family life. Females with substance use disorders are considerably more likely to display recent physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In addition, examination of women who abuse drugs indicates more difficulties linked to sexual and physical abuse and familial hostility oppression compared to their male counterparts. Several studies have revealed that females with depression will more probably smoke cigarettes in addition to being less thriving in smoking termination efforts. In addition, proof indicates that there is a strong correlation between trauma, posttraumatic stress chaos and substance use disorders among women. Jeopardy of substance use disorders in women is also linked with early life stress, especially sexual abuse, which is more common in girls. Moreover, females exposed to aggression in old age also display higher risk for alcohol and drug use. Sexual or corporal misuse of females is a global problem that is frequently committed by a male partner or other male family members. Social aspects that women encounter, especially family setting, also lead to substance use. Different from men with alcohol dependence, females with alcohol dependence are more probable to have examples in their nuclear families or partners who are also alcohol-dependent. In addition, a survey in adolescent smokers showed that most females smoked in order to control their weight and would stop smoking to gain weight.

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