Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Analisys Short Film Signs Essay

A. PLOT1. Setting- In the actuality, Australia in their work office, train or public bus, room in his house, public road and a park.2. Mood- humurous3. Protagonist- Jason* Physical attributes- 25-30 years, white an Australian race, good looking and elegant man. * Social attributes- educated, professional, single4. Conflict- unrivalled person against himself.5. Rising Action- The moment when Jason glances at Tracey through the window of his office6. Turning point- There are many turning points.* When she confesses the secret that she is watching first. * Climax- When he wants to meet with her, but he have fear to invite her to the first date.7. Resolution- When they first meet.B. SymbolismC. Obviously all the short film is a symbolisation because they express their feelings by signs Irony* Situational IronySo close and so far. The venue is the space between the two buildings. There is a distinction because he is suffering for her and he can cross the street, go to the building and a sk for her. D. Poetic Justice* No found in this short film.E. prefigure* Musical The film has no dialog between the two main characters, just a soundtrack. Changes in the melody line and great track at the end of movie in this case the music shows us the emotions of the protagonists. F. ThesisWhere do you find love? If we knew, we would all know where to look.Sometimes all you extremity is a sign G. Improving the story and the movie* What scenes would you add? A scene with the life of her for knows what kind of people she is.* What scenes you leave out? Modify? I will not modify any scene. * How would you modify the setting, the protagonist, the other characters, the dialogue? No modify * How would you change camera angles in different scenes? Yes, in a part to see what she sees. * Other changes?I would change all the final part. The scene would be a perfect romantic encounter.

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