Saturday, May 11, 2019

Personal Brand Building and Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Brand building and Networking - Essay ExampleThe author presents several core steps towards the development and control of a idiosyncraticized brand. Foremost, the author explicates that it is imperative for any individual, willing to create an appealing individualized brand, to familiarize themselves with search engines to bear extinct whether the results that emerge prove a unique identity. The author of this article takes a technical stance when with child(p) examples of useful tools used for cleaning up an individuals web presence. This is to ensure that the emergent learning that does not appeal to the individual disappears for new branding. Creating a reputation with handy tools online is the authors coterminous point. A individual(prenominal) website falls into this category. It is necessary to further claim personal web profiles and individual universal resource locator addresses on all, social interactive sites (Royse). Being active in networking is imper ative for gradually creating a personal brand. Next, purchasing a unique domain is pertinent because the ownership avails an opportunity to customize a persons profile. Failure to secure a domain name leaves reputation in the possession of unfathomed parties, which may destroy a personal brand. Google Alerts aids in monitoring the individuals website. The beside useful step is creating a blog where sharing of individual perspectives and personal brands is easy. Blogs help in expanding personal networks beyond borders because it reaches many deal, portraying expertise in various topics. Posting material that is helpful to counterparts and the completed world depicts social responsibility and progressive leadership qualities. The author stresses that personal brands, like company brands, devolve with time. A feedback loop is a channel through which an individual can obtain support, advice, and counsel from colleagues, family, and mentors (Royse). It enhances eonian rejuvenation on an individual and establishes a tacit and unique personal brand. Personal Branding Wailen-Daugenti, in her article, affirms that companies promote their brands to augment social awareness, visibility, popularity, and sales by giving instances of Apple and Nike companies that invest immensely in brand promotion. According to Daugenti, a personal brand offers individuals a chance to promote and highlight their careers. She points out that personal brand is pertinent because numerous recruiters use search software to perform track checks on their job candidates (Wilen-Daugenti). Social networking provides a diverse branding platform. She gives examples of how social networking hubs such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have great numbers of subscribers. Personal brands depict how qualified an individual is to their potential customers, employers and recruiters. It is important to appreciate admirable brands of people that have succeeded in leadership and profession. People willing to establish their unique brands should network and interact with otherwise people who can rate their brand (Wilen-Daugenti). Building a personal brand begins with listing skills, talents, accomplishments, goals, and individual traits that may be of use when perfective a personal brand. The author recommends the virtue of evaluating the brand periodically.

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