Thursday, May 2, 2019

Global Warming is Manmade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

international Warming is Manmade - Essay ExampleScientists have implicated this phenomenon in causing the general rise in temperature that is globose warming. The objective of this essay is to outline the various ways in which human activities generate the gases that ar primarily responsible for global warming, and also argue that global warming is mainly due to the resolution of human activities.One of the major anthropogenic causes of global warming is the use of fossil fuels in industries and send out (Nardo , Don Johnson, Roberta Young, Terrence Jr. E, 2008). Fossil fuels, when burned, produce carbon IV oxide. Carbon IV oxide is a wakeless gas, and when emitted, it blankets the earth, helping to retain the heat on the come forth of the earth. This, over time, causes an increase in the temperatures on the surface of the earth, leading to global warming.There has been widespread controversy over whether human industrial activity fosters global warming. Some skeptics have com e out to proclaim that global warming and climate change argon largely natural events that do not need human input so as to unembellished themselves (Alexander, Ralph B, 2009). They argue that even in the absence of human activities, global warming would still be a reality. The skeptics have gone so far as to claim that the statistics provided by scientists atomic number 18 all deduct of a hoax. However, there is sufficient scientific evidence to pin down these skeptics as to the truth of whether or not anthropogenic activities contribute to global warming.Another cause of global warming is deforestation. The rate at which forest trees continue to be felled contributes significantly to global warming. Trees help eliminate carbon IV oxide from the atmosphere. When forests are disturbed, the practice interferes with this natural source of carbon IV oxide management. Therefore, carbon IV oxide levels continue to rise unchecked. This

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