Saturday, May 18, 2019

Crime in America Essay

Crime statistics tells us the variation of annoyances that be be committed in the United States. The Bureau of Statistics compiles information processed in the federal justice system and gives us statistics on the many different crimes in America. This is a point that compiles crimes and tells us about how many different crimes argon being committed and how many times they atomic identification number 18 being committed. This as well as gives us an idea of how much space we need to house these criminals. There be many jails and prisons that are over populated.Statistics also tell us that our crime fighting is not as good as it should be. With the websites for crime reporting this armed services us to keep in line what crimes are being committed and, how we back prepare for this and, how to prevent it. There is not a way to stop all crime or even prevent it but if we know what crimes are being committed more it provide assistant us get a better understanding on how to c atch the criminals that are involved in this type of behavior. In my honest opinion no crime is ever going to be only stopped.If we all work together to pinpoint the main crimes we whitethorn also be more hustling to deal with them and catch the individuals involved. Crime in America today is on the rise the question is how to lay it before it gets out of hand. There are many different crime reporting measuring systems today. These help us get an idea of what crimes are being committed the most in what areas. With these types of statistics we may be able to start fighting crime in these areas to prevent further destruction in our communities. The populations cardinal crime mea indisputables are the UCR weapons platform and the NCVS.The UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) this program collects information on crimes inform to law enforcement agencies. It compiles data monthly from the state agencies that report to the FBI. This system examines each report for accuracy or errors that may have occurred. It compares each monthly report to previous months and years to mend how much crime was committed from each month to each year. It gives us a detailed annual report. This comes in ready to hand(predicate) when trying to figure out if crime is on the rise or it is decreasing.The NCVS (National Crime Victimization Survey) this program gives us a detailed picture of crime incidents, victims and trends. This is used to uncover crime, update the survey methods and stretch forth the scope of crimes measured. The survey is designed to collect detailed information on the frequency and nature of the crimes that are being committed. This helps us to determine how many times this crime is committed and how it is being committed. It does over 43,000 ain household interviews twice a year.They rotate new houses every couple of years to make sure that it remains as accu yard as possible. It also estimates crimes that have been describe and those that have not been reported. It also summarizes the reasons that individuals give for reporting or not reporting the crime. These programs share many similarities and differences. The similarities that they have are that they twain measure crimes. The way that they measure crimes are very different from one another. But they both bank to achieve the same things. How they differ the most is in what they do.The UCR is designed to gather information and determine the statistics of the crimes reported by the law enforcement officers. The NCVS was designed to provide information about crimes that used to be unavailable. Also the 2 crime programs are different in other ways a well. One may justness crime by the size of the household, why the other judges crime by the number of crimes divided by so many stack in that area. So as you can see even though they are out to achieve the same thing they just do it in different ways. It is hard to tell if the publics perception of crime has changed over time.Americans pe rception of crime may be influenced by their assessments of how things are going in the country today. They also perceive it to be on how the country is economically. If America has a higher amount of jobs the crime rate may go down. When jobs are low and in that respect is no work the crime rate may go up. Looking at the amount of crimes committed each year can also determine the publics perception from one year to another. If they see more crimes in the last two years then they did in the previous years they are going to see that crime is on the high.I think that the future of crime depends on the parsimony. It also depends on how much crime is reported, and how people relate the experience of their crimes. If crimes are not being reported it is hard to figure out what types of crimes are being committed. It is hard for me to predict the future of crime because each criminal and each crime is different. If there were more people in America that would work as a whole to keep thei r residential district as safe as possible, I dont think that crime would be gigantic in that particular community.Also there are crimes today that are being committed out-of-pocket to lack of jobs. Most people will do what they have to, to make sure that their families are being taken care. A lot of problems today in my opinion depend on job security. If more people could have jobs then I dont think that there would be as many crimes being committed. The American crime rate in my opinion just depends on the economy and the people in the economy. If you want to make a difference you will. If you dont then you will be part of the problem not the solution.

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