Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Crime Scene Documentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Crime prospect Documentation - Essay ExampleThe photography technique requires the investigator to use both close-up coverage and middling coverage that will provide aerial and vertical view of the suspect authoritys and items left at the disgust scene. The sketches will identify the surrounding area of the criminal offence scene and possible positions of the suspects (Pepper, 2010).According to Ogle (2011), abhorrence scene sketching aims at creating a permanent record of the outgo relationship of the physical evidence and crime scene. Sketching will require the investigator to have folding ruler, graph paper, pencil, and flashlight since it is essential to take comparative measurements such as exit areas and bullet trajectory angles (Pepper, 2010). The sketch is critical in clarifying the selective information in photographs and videos since it enables the viewer to gauge the dimensions and distances. A sketch is essential in crime scene financial support since it assist s during interviewing and interrogations, it relates the sequence of events at the scene, and establishes a precise relationship of objects found at the crime scene (Ogle, 2011).The sketches whitethorn include details such as size if the room, height of a door frame and distance from the door to the window. The projection view of the sketch will show the horizontal floor plan slice the schematic perspective is essential in showing the sequence of events such bullet firing position (Horswell, 2010). Another aspect of sketching is the triangulation that will involve taking the distance and measurements from a central position such as bedroom. Crime investigators rely on the rectangular coordinate method of sketching measure the distance from devil perpendicular items such as walls and doors. The polar coordinate method is mainly applicable in exterior crime scenes where there is only one reference point such as road accidents (Ogle, 2011).The concluding

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