Thursday, May 30, 2019

Arthur Miller Explores the Idea of Justice in A View From The Bridge :: English Literature

How does Arthur Miller explore the idea of justice in A apparent horizon From TheBridge.The play A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller is set in theAmerican Sicilian community of Red Hook, in Brooklyn.Community bonds and voiceless codes of justice are very big in thecommunity. Betrayal of your family or your community is the worstcrime you can commit. For instance the explanation of Vinny Bolzano thatEddie told to Catherine and Beatrice.The story that Eddie told Catherine and Beatrice was the story ofVinny Bolzano. It was most a boy aged about fourteen years old whotold the police that his family were hiding his uncle, who was anillegal immigrant. When his family found out that it was Vinny who hadtold the police about the uncle they disowned him. The whole communityturned against him. They even kicked and beat him.grabbed him in the kitchen and pulled him down the stairs threeflights his head was bouncin like a coconut.Not betraying your family was so important to Eddie as y ou would begoing against the community codes and this was non done. If it were,the community would disown you.Honour and reputation are also very important to the community. Eddiesays to CatherineYou can fast get back a million dollars that was stole than a wordthat you gave away.Eddie is saying that once you have lost your reputation you allow for findit approximately impossible to get back.In the play the character Alfieri role is to act as the narrator andto move the play along in time. He knows what will happen in the play.For instance he knows that Eddie Carbone will be killed at some pointwithin the play. He refers to this in his very first speech. Thisones come upon was Eddie Carbone and watched it run its bloody course.When reading or watching the play you will know that Eddie will bekilled some time within the play moreover you do not know when, thiscreates dramatic tension. So youll know that they wont be a happyending but youll be curious as to how the play will end .He also makes lots of references to the law particularly in his firstspeech. a lawyer means the law the law has not been friendly. Thesecond quote comes from Alfieri in his first speech and he is sayingthat in the community Red Hook, where he works, a lawyer is thought ofas unlucky. This is because they are only connected with disaster.Because the community of Red Hook is a poor community and nobody has

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