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Organizational Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizational Behaviour - Essay ExampleThe organisational bodily structure has an infixed impact on the organisational behaviour due to its contribution in the view of the members of the organisation (Kumar and Mittal 5). The organisational structure is be by the system of task, reporting, and authority relationships within the organisation with the purpose of coordinating the operations and process base on the mission, vision and goals (Griffin and Moorhead 407). Within these stages and steps, the organisational behaviours of the employee and the leaders play an essential and crucial role. The main purpose of the governing of organisational structure is to be able to have an efficient, methodical and orderly accomplishment of goals to be able to happen upon end results e.g. production of goods or provision of services. There are diametric factors included in the structure of the organization such as the type of leadership, the division of labour and the coordination of the d ifferent actions and processes undertaken within the system. One showcase that posterior be viewed is the production of computers in the Dell Company. Without the proper organisational structure, either the production of computers will be a failure or the thousands of employees will build their own computers and sell them. In such a scenario, the cost efficiency would never be achieved due to high labour and production costs (Griffin and Moorhead 407). Basically, a structured organisation enables efficient work that can ensure achievement of goals. Upon the determination of the determination of the nub of organisational structure, the next step is the determination of the implications related to these challenges. In the case of the organisational structure, there are different issues that can affect the company specifically on the basis of organisational behaviour. In the contemporary era, one of the issues being go about by organisations is the international competitiveness on the basis of globalisation. This is a challenge specifically for the highly multiplex global organisations. This entails a very specific protocol and rules on the division of labour of the members of the organisation as well as the coordination of every unit especially since the operating units can be separated by territorial, cultural and social boundaries. Examples of such organisations are the Philips of Netherlands and the General Motors. These companies originated from different countries but due to transnational organisational structure, they append to nations around the world (Daft 237). In these types of organizations, the organisational behaviour is important in every aspect of the operation. In the different units located in other countries, a common method used is the adaptation to the local cultures to be able to successful accomplishment of goals. Intrinsic organisational behaviour is comparatively more basic, such as allegiance to the mission, vision and goals, and cooperation to other members of the organisation. Organisational Culture Organisational culture can be defined as the core set of as organisation and the collective view, perspective and course of action of the whole organization. It is also the manner and tone of voice by which the members of the organisation work. Thus, organisational culture is directly related organisational behaviour since the individual attitude and behaviour of a worker is influenced by the prevailing culture within the organisation

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