Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Choose an organization of your choice, (a) write about their strategy Assignment

Choose an organization of your choice, (a) write about their strategy in depth, (b) write about the communication inside the organization in general and manager communication methods - Assignment Example One of the primary strategies of this company is to have a strategic management analysis, which will allow the company expands and have other more outlets around the world (Branson, 2013). By putting in place the SWOT analysis, the organization has identified this strategy as strength, and which is internal to the company. In the process of trying to accomplish this, the company has put in place the core strategy of developing its major pillars of its business empire. These major components include; travel, leisure, individual finance, telecommunication, and entertainment retailing services that the company offers. To realize this, the organization has been looking for capable managers as well as training the existing ones so as to achieve the goal of its strategic management. Another major strategy of the company is the competition policy, mainly put in place so that the enterprise can outdo its competitors in the market. The company has come up with strategies that have enabled it to attract its customers over a short period. The organization has been able to produce different products, with different packaging and branding so as to differentiate it from those of the other competitors. After reviewing the SWOT analysis, the company identified competition and customers as some of the competitors and prices as the threats of the enterprise. Being external, it has been able to apply blueprint strategy on leveraging strength and opportunities as well mitigating some of its daily threats and weaknesses (Virgin Australia Holdings Limited, 2014). The organization has been able to lower the prices of its products by adding back its profit to the production costs, hence experiencing relatively low production costs. These reflect on the low prices of their services to their clients and in turn winning as more customers as possible, in the long

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