Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Environmental Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Environmental Economics - Essay Example While for chemical contaminants this is done by assessing toxicological and epidemiological results, engineering or other disciplines are involved for other types. The second step is Dose-Response Estimation which in essence is the process of determining the magnitude of impact of a unit dose of the contaminant substance. The relation between dosage and possibility or incidence of the potentially adverse consequence is estimated. This is possibly one of the most complex steps of the entire risk assessment process particularly due to the fact that often the potential impacts on humans have to be extrapolated from the observed results on mice, rats etc thereby engendering the possibility of estimation errors. Also, the genetic or other differences between individuals imply that the hazard may be a stronger threat to a certain part of the human population thereby reducing the possibility of effective generalization of the results. Exposure Assessment attempts to identify the extent of human exposure to the substance given particular locations, lifestyles etc to quantify the likely doses of the substance that humans will be exposed to. Phthalates are identified as a particular class of multiple-function chemicals that are used in varieties of consumer as well as personal care goodsi. Due to the limited scope of this paper we shall discuss a very recently concluded assessment of phthalates in regard to possibility of contamination and risk particularly to children exposed to toys that used the substance as softeners. The research in late 1980s that showed that phthalates DEHP caused cancer in rodents exposed to very high doses and later another variant of phthalates known as DINP that was adopted as substitute for DEHP as softeners in toys though initially showed that it had not similar carcinogenic effects, did however cause liver damage to rodents, constitutes the first step of hazard identification in this case. It raised widespread

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