Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Evidence Based Practice Essay Example for Free

Evidence Based Practice Essay This question reminded me about the famous and probably one of the most important inventors in the world, Thomas Edison. When he was trying to create his filament for his light bulb, it took him more than a thousand tries to do so. Likewise in a hospital, all the procedures and treatments that nurses do while on the job has been practiced and experimented on so the patient can receive first-class quality care from the nurses. Evidence-based nursing is a process founded on the collection, interpretation, and integration of valid, important, and applicable research. An example of this can be when a new technique or procedure has been discovered to help cure new diseases. After extensive amounts of research, the technique will be experimented on. They will perform the new technique on patients to see if the patients feel better, and like the procedure done to them. Evidence-based practice will help you explore the process of making solid clinical decisions that you must make in the hospital. New problems will arise daily, and with evidence-based practice, you are able to solve those problems in a systematic way. I believe that to do evidence-based practice needs to be done with a group or a team. Efficiency and accuracy is needed when doing evidence-based practice because in the end, the patients are the ones that need to be satisfied with the care that they are receiving. An example of the evidence based practice is as a chemo nurse, patients admitted for chemotherapy are offered pre-treatment assessment and physical and emotional support. Also, we provide a low-stress setting that helps patients and families to receive fully absorb the information and educate themselves about their disease and its treatments. As an effect to evidence-based nursing, we can now be more confident about the procedures that we do on our patients, because they have been thoroughly checked over.

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