Monday, August 12, 2019

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pressure Ulcer Prevention - Research Paper Example For this coordination to be achieved, high-quality prevention requires operational practices and organizational culture that promote communication and teamwork, as well as personal expertise. Consequently, enhancement in pressure ulcer prevention requires a system that is aimed at making the required changes Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to identify some of the changes that are needed in the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Practices in Nursing (Sullivan, 2013). Since pressure ulcer care is difficult, efforts to develop prevention strategies for pressure ulcer needs a system approach that will encompass organizational change (Kuhn, 2013). It becomes very difficult bring a change of any type within an organization especially when it involves several, simultaneous changes in communication, workflow, and decision-making as are required in preventing pressure ulcer. Inability to evaluate the readiness of the organization for the change at various levels may lead to unanticipated problems during the implementation. Change in Pressure Ulcer Prevention Practice assists the nurses and their organization to discover the readiness and come up with action steps to develop it if necessary. Making changes to practice requires one first to understand the existing practices. With the view that pressure ulcer prevention has completely taken new dimension is a clear indication that there are more than one apparent performance teething troubles in this place. There are gaps of various forms, between present best practices and real work practices due to lack of proper coordination among various clinical units, unequal access to existing source of information and disparity in staff knowledge. In addition, there are gaps between identified practices and real. There have never been prior efforts to advance pressure ulcer prevention or care within the organization. The organization does not have a certified wound care nurse and does not involve physicians in wound care.

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