Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Positive Aspects of Technology Essay Example for Free

Positive Aspects of Technology Essay From man`s first invention of the wheel to modern day’s advanced computers, one can clearly see how far humans have developed with technology. Modern technology has provided mankind with numerous positive aspects; from getting to places in seconds to curing complex diseases. The most fundamental and important positive aspect of technology is that it gives humans the ability to share knowledge more effectively. Nowadays, a country is not defined by its wealth or influence, rather by its â€Å"ability to develop and advance knowledge† (Johnston 1). In the essay, The Diplomacy of Knowledge, author David Johnston states that, â€Å"information has never been so ubiquitous and so cheaply and easily shared† (1). In other words, information has never been so readily available, thanks to the fast growing Internet. The Internet allows billions of people to express their opinions and put forth their knowledge for others to see. Johnston also mentions that the foundations of the internet were laid by â€Å"300 years of discovery in math and science from Newton to Einstein† (2). Great scientists such as Newton to Einstein shared their experience and findings which have become the cause of all the ongoing technological development. For instance, the recent uprising in Libya was hugely successful due to the internet. Thousands of people posted Facebook statuses and communicated in numerous other ways. By sharing each other’s thoughts and knowledge, they were able to overcome the situation by establishing a strong and organized community. Moreover, new inventions are also greatly impacted by the sharing of knowledge and this can be evidently seen with a great discovery such as Insulin. Charles Best and Frederick Banting, a bio-chemist and a surgeon, are innovators from different fields. Both of them shared each other’s knowledge and brought forth one of the greatest discoveries of all time, insulin which saved millions of diabetic patients. In other words, today’s advancements in technology let the sharing of knowledge much more effectively, as it allows mankind to â€Å"[experience] unprecedented rates of change† (2). It also gives humanity the opportunity to undergo â€Å"rapid transformations, characterized by risk and opportunity on a global scale â€Å"(2). These changes brought through the sharing of knowledge bring an evolution in social and ethical factors within the society. In conclusion, technology has provided mankind with countless positive aspects, although the greatest aspect is the better collaboration of knowledge. From insulin to modern medicine, history has made it clear that great things can happen when everyone shares their learning with each other. As Thomas Jefferson mentions, â€Å"[by lighting] your candle with the flame of mine, my light is not diminished, it is enhanced† (2).

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