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What extent does neo-realism provide a satisfactory account of world Essay

What extent does neo-realism provide a satisfactory account of world politics - Essay Example Research shows that realism theory had the belief that the political order and the manner in which countries conduct themselves concerning international ground are projected by the nature of human beings (Dickinson 2006, p.63). Its foremost supposition originates from a human aspect; for instance, ambitions and aspirations are the main driving forces of international or world politics (Craig 2009, p. 45). On the contrary, neorealism declared that the current global system is a revolutionary setting with no dominant power directing and amending relationships among countries. It is not a social nature but rather a universal nature of the entire world that explains world politics. To a small extent, neo-realism provides satisfactory account to world politics. Every nation is in a search of individual benefit and its activities on a worldwide ground rely on its personal welfares. Therefore, in order to accomplish its individual benefits nations can establish coalitions, although even wit hin such coalitions every nation is only interested in attaining its own goals. Revolution of the global system is a command in itself. Accordingly, every nation continues to be in competition with other nations because of concern with its security and development (Craig 2009, p.50). Supremacy is dominant in understanding the affairs among nations. Therefore, search for authority makes countries to develop their resource, boost up economies, as well as develop skill and society as well. According to neorealism theory, the tougher the nation, the less susceptible it is on the global ground. Martial and fiscal greatness are the main measures for safety and growth, and thus accomplishment of these measures is performed through all ways possible. According to studies, conflict in neorealism is unavoidable. Nonetheless, in a nuclear period, conflicts among the nuclear nations are not likely to happen certainly, because such nations with nuclear weapons understand the effects of such conf lict. Thus, they use nuclear resources as a way of discouragement and balance of supremacy. In fact, neo-realism is a system of balance, and the anarchy of global setting, as well as an order instead of chaos (Van 2009, p. 80). This is because steadiness of supremacy is the only way to reservation harmony. Therefore, with such standards in place, neo-realism provides a satisfactory to the world politics. Neo-realism provides satisfactory account to world politics because it offers a well-organized explanation concerning the global political structure. It is a trial to explain international relations in technical terms through the mention of imbalanced capacities of nations. It also explains the revolutionary structure of the nation system, as well as the emphasis on great supremacies whose affairs regulate the most vital results of world politics (Krasner 2005, p.78). Neo-realism provides satisfactory account to world politics because it promotes peace and security among nations. Re searchers view the best international relation theory as one that emphasizes mainly on the structure of the system because structures regulate the actions the country. Foreign policy is led by the structure, and the nation officials are thus prisoners of the revolutionary system` structure and its determinist’s reasoning commands what they must carry out in the behavior of overseas rule (Jacques 2007, p. 106). Therefore, neo-realism offers a powerful explanation of the structure of the system of a nation much different from other theories because it takes the structure as the key tool of analysis. From studies, it clear that international rel

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