Thursday, August 15, 2019

Media – ‘Die Another Day’

In the making of the film Die Another Day the creators needed to produce a piece of work that would carry on appealing to many of the audience. They needed to create a film that would be entertaining for the younger generation as new followers of Bond films, while still keeping the same basic formula that had appealed to the older audience for many years. These films have been in the cinemas for forty years and are the longest running film series ever, so this shows the original class of Bond film must work very well. Today each time a Bond film comes out there are increasing box office receipts, partly due to the popularity of the Brosnan Bond films. Nevertheless, the producers thought that the twentieth Bond film needed a change. Either the film style needed changing or an extra dimension needed to be added. They decided to try to keep what they saw as the superior quality of the series of films but to attempt to add more dynamic action and dare-devil stunts to their winning formula. They felt a need to create more tension and excitement. Several special filming techniques help to create tension and excitement. For example a wide variety of shots make the audience feel that they have a good overall view of the ice-lake chase because the camera is constantly cutting, letting the audience know exactly what's happening from every angle. Cutting provides a vast variety of shots in a small space of time i. e. distance shots, rapidly followed by close up shots make the audience feel up-to-date and involved in what is happening. It gives fast-moving action by using close-up and distance shots, for example Zao's cool smirk as Bond's car overturns. Framing is skillfully used to provide the audience with a snap shot of a character's reaction. For example, when Bond's car is overturned we are shown a close up of Zao's smirking face. I think this successfully makes the audience feel involved. Framing is also used to emphasize Zao's disbelief as Bond manages to flip the car back over. By adding daredevil action and special effects the producers manage to create the extra tension particularly enjoyed by the fast-action-loving younger generation. One reason why the Bond films are so successful is because of the excitement and tension in the films even though everyone knows Bond will save the day, kill the baddy and save anyone else caught up in the action, including his lady friend. Even though we know the basis of what will happen in the film before it is premiered at the cinema, we still enjoy the films. I believe that one of the main reasons for this is the thrill of all the action in the Bond films and the original high class of Bond movies, which not only made the earlier films a success, but also continues to make their popularity grow.

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