Friday, August 23, 2019

Journals Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Journals - Assignment Example and Mrs Conroy. Mrs. Conroy is primarily a woman of fashion and it seems that her husband does not have control over what her quest to dress fancifully will demand. Gretta talks of putting on galoshes while at the same time revealing her next shopping plans as including a diving outfit. This clearly means that Mrs Conroy is domineering in their marriage as she makes the plans over what ought to be bought within their family even before consulting her husband. Her hersband, in a quick response, laughs nervously indicating his obligation to her demands. He shows this weakness in front of his sisters who apparently are astonished at the sense of fashion and shopping spree that their brother’s wife has. Another picture that comes out clear in the marriage between Gretta and Gabriel is that theirs is a marriage of contemporary lifestyle. From the conversation, Aunt Kate is completely unknowledgeable about what the supposed ‘galoshes’ that Mrs. Conroy describes and can only associate them with Christy Minstrels.. In her entire life, she had never come across such like attire leave alone the fact that she could not determine their uses. Aunt Julia on the other hand, fully understands the uses of galoshes but what worries her is the complex lifestyle that her brother’s wife has adopted. ... Her beauty too is beyond description although she had spotted face and brown eyes. Her seductive nature wins her the heart of Gabriel where she successfully convinces him to take a walk together. Perhaps one of the most influential aspects in Miss Ivors’ life that strengthens the bond between her and Mr. Conroy is her vast knowledge of literature of which Mr. Conroy is a practitioner. Although she does not study or practice literature and poetry, her knowledge of certain literary and poetic aspects for example the university question that she learned through a friend surprised Gabriel and makes him more relaxed in the company of Miss Ivors. Additionally, her affectionate and conversational nature creates a strong bond between her and Gabriel whereby they spend long hours conversing while at some instances holding hands. This comes out when Gabriel thinks that Miss Ivors is attempting to demean him by criticizing him, a matter that leads to his perplextion. But to his ultimate surprise, he discoveres that Miss Ivors was only cracking a joke by her previous comments. Miss Ivors on the other hand, understands when Gabriel is perplexed and uses her seductive and persuasive skills to bring back his attention to the focus of their conversation. Although she had previously expressed her dissatisfaction at Gabriel’s previous writing, she notices anxiety in his face and immediately retreats. She perfectly does this on some instances by placing her warm and soft hands on the arms of Mr. Conroy. It appears from this that although she is not married, she clearly understands the temperaments of men, and her knowledge helps her in maintaining a lively and warm conversation with Gabriel who in the end confesses to have enjoyed

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